Ruth Davis Photography  


Ruth Davis, Photographer


I love working with people. I'm very much a people person.


Photography has been my life for the past 25 years and I work hard to obtain the images you will love to remember. I enjoy the studio portraits, whether it be a family, children, single portraits, PR. or portfolios. The studio is easy to reach and is a unpressured environment, where you can relax and be yourself.


Equally I love to photograph weddings, social happenings, promotions, launches, celebrations, people at work. Anything to do with people.


I try to capture the ambiance and spirit of the family or occasion and work hard for my pictures. I know you will love the results. People feel relaxed with me so they can be themselves in whatever situation they are in and they can see themselves and those they are with, at their best.


Being also sensitive to art and creativity and love the challenge of architecture, interiors, industrial environments, paintings, still life and even try to capture something original with any product you have to offer.


I care about what I do, so I will give you the best. Give me a ring.


I look forward to hearing from you,